National Palace Museum

Located in Taipei City, the National Palace Museum displays the world’s greatest and rarest collection of traditional Chinese art crafts and historical documents.

These priceless treasures include ancient Chinese paintings, archeological remains of bronze weapons, ceramics, jade, sculptures, books and other antiques. With more than 700,000 items on display, many of which once belong in Beijing’s Forbidden City. The National Palace Museum truly reflects the rich cultural heritage of Chinese civilization and ancient Chinese culture. The National Palace Museum was established in 1925 and was expanded and remodeled in 1965. The museum now has a magnificent exterior with tile roofs and moon gates. The National Palace Museum is currently a major guardian of the Chinese artifacts and Chinese cultural items in Taiwan tour. It is a place you wouldn’t want to miss!

Guided Tours
The National Palace Museum provides guided tours in 7 different languages, namely English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Korean. Various researches, speeches, and tours are being held regularly at the museum. It has also published 130 types of magazines, periodicals, pictures, etc. to facilitate and enhance the propagation of Chinese tradition and culture.
Guided Tours: Chinese, English, and French guides are provided without any charges. Chinese tour: 9.30 am, 2.30 pm English tour: 10 am, 3 pm French tour: twice a week.
Opening Hours
All year, from 9 am to 5 pm
1. Take MRT Danshui line(捷運淡水線) to Shilin Station(士林捷運站), transfer bus route 255, 304 Chengde line(304承德線), 304 Chongching line(304重慶線), mini 19(小19), red 30(紅30) to museum