sim card

At the airport you will find “Telecommunication service”. You can buy sim card here.


Office hour is 08:00~22:00. If your landing is outside this time period, don’t worry, you can buy sim card in any telecom stores in the city.

batch_easycardYou can also buy easy card here. It is used to take subway. You will get 20% off if you use it. Be sure to have it!

Recommend & things to remember

You MUST have at least 2 official picture IDs (e.g. Passport and Driver’s Licence) to purchase a pre-paid SIM.

I recommend Chunghua telecom‘s 1GB for 30days plan : NTD180.

All telecom company has similar rates but Chunghua’s signal is the best.

You don’t need to buy unlimited plan because it is too expensive. 3 days for NTD300 & 5 days for NTD450.

1GB is quite enough for google map, facebook, and google anything you like.

If it is not enough, you can charge NTD50 for 250MB.

Buy a NTD300 sim card and tell them you will use Chunghua telecom‘s 1GB for 30days plan : NTD180.

You will have NTD120 residue. You can use it to call or buy more MB’s for internet.