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LongStay Taipei is near Xinbeitou Station, which is at the hill end of Yangmin Shan. There is no factory nearby, we are in a great nature with fresh air. Also, unbelievably Xinbeitou area is a great living zone. Convinient stores, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, and many fast food restaurants run 24hours a day…

What’s fun in Beitou

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Not only Hot springs, there are world most beautiful Beitou library, thermal valley. Also wellcome supermarket, starbucks, McDonald’s , KFC…Very convinient place to stay.

Beitou Library

LongStay Taipei Hostel - Beitou hostel Beitou LibraryBeitou Public Library Named Most Beautiful Public Library in the World…

Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou hostel - Beitou hot springs

Beitou has been well known for its natural resources and wonderful scenery for a long period of time…

National Palace Museum

Beitou hostel - Beitou hot springs

Located in Taipei City, the National Palace Museum displays the world’s greatest and rarest collection of traditional Chinese art crafts and historical documents…

Shilin Night Market

Beitou hostel - Beitou hot springs

Shilin Night Market is the one of the largest night markets in Taipei…

Yangming Shan

Mt. Yangming is one of the most well known mountains in Taiwan. It features volcanic formations and fragrant blooming flowers during all four seasons. …