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LongStay Taipei is near Xinbeitou Station, which is at the hill end of Yangmin Shan. There is no factory nearby, we are in a great nature with fresh air. Also, unbelievably Xinbeitou area is a great living zone. Convinient stores, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, and many fast food restaurants run 24hours a day.

Walk to wellcome supermarket from LongStay Taipei takes 1 minutes. And Starbucks, Mcdonalds, 頂呱呱(recommended Chinese style fast food), 50嵐(famous tea drink shop), 24小吃店(Taiwanese local food restaurant) are all in 3 minutes walking zone.

廣香素食坊 is a very delicous restaurant for vegetarian. Even if you are not vegetarian you may try how Taiwanese cook for vegetarian.

阿宗蚵仔煎 is traditional food in night market.

八方雲集 boils dampling, also they do side fry for dampling. They also have many delicous side dishes.

矮仔財魯肉飯 soy-stewed pork rice. Very famous and very delicous. You always need to line up for at least 30 minutes to enjoy it. It is in the 2nd floor in Beitou market. Business hour: 08:00-14:00.